A Cleaning Company for Apartments

I am a leasing manager for a large complex. Because there are so many units, we have residents moving in and out quite frequently. One of the rules I have in place is that the unit must be professionally cleaned before all deposits are returned. I also allow the tenants to allow me to use professional cleaning services in Singapore in exchange for just one half of their total deposit. It comes out to about the same, so the majority decide to just forfeit half of their deposit. Truth be told, I am happy when they do this because I like the company that I use to do all the cleaning when possible.

I use Kleepers, and they have not disappointed me for the last two years. I use them probably 80 percent of the time when a tenant moves out. They do a full job of cleaning because the place is always empty of furniture and possessions when they get there. I provide things such as a vacuum and mop, and there is always a ladder waiting for them too since they also clean the ceiling fans and the tops of the fridges as well as the insides of the cupboards.

The price is very reasonable too. Sometimes I will just have one cleaner come out. She will spend either four or five hours cleaning the entire unit, which is why I know they are the perfect company for this type of work. They do not do any type of rush jobs. For the bigger units, two cleaners will come out and stay about three hours. It comes out to about 40 dollars per hour per cleaner, and it is money that is definitely well spent. I see a long lasting working relationship between my company and Kleepers because they deliver exactly what they promise they will.