An Apartment Right on the Beach

I knew that I was taking a gamble by investing everything I had into an art gallery in Miami, but I also knew that it was the right thing to do. There is so much talent that is trusting me to expose their works to a large clientele base, and Miami really seemed to be the best place to go about doing this after some careful research in the art world. After locating the perfect location for the gallery, my next move was to look at apartments for rent in North Bay Village.

I wanted to live in the same geographical area as the gallery, and I found the perfect place to live that is just minutes away from there. I never dreamed that I would be able to walk barefoot in the sand to get from my home to the gallery, but that is exactly my reality now. I love living in Biscayne Bay for more reasons than that though. The apartment I have now is the nicest one I have ever had, which makes sense since they spent over 20 million dollars to create this paradise for so many people.

The features that are in every apartment is amazing, but I am really enjoying the community features even more. I don’t mind spending time in my apartment alone, but I would much rather be around other people when possible. There is a cafe here, plus so many restaurants that I can walk to right on the beach. There are multiple swimming pools, a fitness center, a community clubhouse, and many other things. The views from any of my apartment windows are simply amazing too, and I am actually thinking of having a few of my artsy friends over to see if it is something that one of them may want to paint for me!