Apartment Living Fosters Sense of Connection and Community

I live in a wonderful apartment complex that offers me a great place to live and a real sense of connection and community with my neighbors as well as the owners and maintenance personnel. I have an easy link to a community website that keeps me in touch and up-to-date on events, scheduled maintenance and allows me to easily express any concerns or needs I may have.

I have to say this environment is vastly different from my last apartment experience. It was a huge complex where it could take weeks to hear from the landlord and months before even the smallest maintenance issues were even scheduled to be corrected. I would come home from work and be greeted by a big gray building with no green space, no amenities and rarely even see my neighbors, much less talk to any or call any of them friends.

When I moved to Texas from Chicago, I had no friends or family in the state and only hoped I could find some friends and develop some sort of social life. I work as an insurance adjuster and my work is done individually and without a lot of social interaction from co-workers. I am often in my office from the time I arrive to the time I go home and do not meet the number of people that those in sales do. Starting at a new place of employment, in a new state was difficult enough and I yearned for some social interaction.

My new apartment and the community here have welcomed me with open arms and I have enjoyed great number of social events and met some wonderful people. I like living in a place where you aren’t looked at as weird or odd simply because you wave and say hello to people and I feel much safer knowing the people around me do care about their neighbors and property we all share.