Cleaning Help for My Sister

When my sister was pregnant with her first child, I was trying to think of a really nice gesture for a gift. She has a beautiful baby shower, and friends and family gave her nearly everything she would need for her child’s first year. She already had the furniture for the nursery by this time, so I was really stuck coming up with the perfect gift for her. It was not until she told me how tired she was that I knew exactly what to get her. My one friend has a part time helper for Singapore that helps her with different cleaning jobs twice a week, and I knew that this would be a perfect gift for my sister.

My friend gave me the website address for the company she uses. I didn’t even bother looking at any other cleaning companies because she had told me that they are reasonably priced and do a very good job. I just wanted to see exactly what kind of services they offer. I knew that my sister would not need someone in there every single day, but I also did not want to have someone come in just once a week either.

My sister cleans on a regular basis, and I knew she would not want her carpets to be vacuumed just once a week or her kitchen floors mopped every week or so either. I needed someone who would come in at least twice a week to do the heavier jobs like that. I knew that when the baby came that my sister would have her hands full even more, so I wanted someone who would be able to help with the cleaning for the first year of the baby being here too. When I told my sister, she actually cried. She was so relieved to be getting this kind of help!