Finding the Perfect Fit for Me

I had always been a stickler for making sure the rules are followed. When I was a kid, I loved being a hall monitor and being the one that enforced rules on the schoolyard. I loved paperwork as well. You could say that I was an odd kid. When I was in college, I learned about a job with companies doing corporate secretarial services. For me, this was perfect. It was ensuring compliance issues were followed and it helped protect people. It was right up my alley.

The first business I ever worked with was one that really wasn’t into the compliance side of things. I had been on them for the whole duration of my employment with them. We had ups and we obviously had a lot of downs. They let me go after I asked about a wellness issues that there was no rules on but I could see would be an issue in the long run.

The second company ended up being the last one I ever worked for as a corporate secretary. They were like me and on the ball with issues and rules. They liked things to be done and done right. I respected that of the company and ensured that things were done well. The company dealt with oversees companies and they had different rules for some of the laws that we had. My main job was to study up on the laws in that country and come up with a way to enforce it there and make it a part of our practice to make the workload here better. The job was always a challenge, but it was really one that I loved to do! Every day I was faced with a new issue or compliance problem that I had to solve for everyone.

Sadly, I ended up retiring a few years ago. I loved my job providing corporate secretarial services, especially to companies that were open to the ideas and were not afraid to hear that they needed to change something. It was a perfect job for my personality!