Getting More Apartment for Our Money

When we were looking online for a nice apartment to move into, one of the first things I noticed at The Oaks was the high ceilings. I am not that tall, and we used to live in a place years ago where I could reach up and easily touch the ceiling in each room. It felt so cramped, and I did not want a repeat of that ever again. The ceilings at our new place are nice and high. You can click here to see pictures of the apartments to see for yourself.

I cannot overemphasize how space in an apartment needs to be vertical as well as horizontal. If you have big rooms and low ceilings, that does not even make sense. I used to work in the mining industry, and the roof above my head more than a thousand feet underground was higher than the last two apartments we lived in. The new place here at The Oaks is a phenomenal upgrade. The nice dining room and kitchen really catch your eye when you first come into our apartment. So many places have a dining room table in the living room area. It is very nice to have a separate meal area.

My wife and I really like the place, and our little girl likes it too. She has her own bedroom and bathroom. We have a nice balcony too, and it has its own storage area. I keep scuba gear there. It used to take up space in our clothes closet at our last apartment. This is such an improvement, and we are paying close to the same amount of rent. I can hardly believe we did not look for a place like this sooner than we did. I did not know we could afford so much apartment for the housing budget we have.