How Chiropractic Worked for a Skeptic

I had a routine just to get through the days and nights. I would stretch in bed for a bit before I attempted to stand. I would then go down the stairs slowly. I made it a point to not bend over to pick things up in the early morning. I had to wait for my back to loosen up first. I would then start the day with some food and naproxen sodium to ease the pain so I could get to work. My wife kept telling me to go to her chiropractor in Santa Barbara, but I was a very stubborn person. I never thought for a second that a chiropractor could do anything to help me with my back pain. A surgeon had suggested surgery to try and give me some relief, but he told me that the chances of success were not very high. At least I was not on narcotic painkillers like my brother is.

He is probably addicted to them, but he does not take more than what is prescribed. However, he makes sure to take them right on time every time even if it is in the middle of the night. He says the pain is unbearable without them, and he has noticed a physical craving if he tries to go without them too. He is also now taking a medication to treat constipation caused by the opiods he takes for back pain. I decided that I did not want to become like him, and I did not want to end up like our dad who has had nine back surgeries and is still in pain. So, I finally relented and went to the chiropractor in Santa Barbara that my wife suggested for me.

I really thought that chiropractic medicine was all flashy trickery to make you think you were getting better. I thought it was like hypnotism where only gullible people got anything out of it. However, after the exam and adjustment, I could not help but notice a remarkable difference in my pain level. I attributed it to the pain pill starting to work, but it felt different. The chiropractor told me I needed to follow the treatment plan of several visits, and that was when my skepticism hit me. However, the copay was low, so I kept going back. Well, now, a few months later, I no longer have back trouble and I do not take pills. Now I just need to convince my dad and brother to go.