How I Used Temporary Tattoos to Pull off an Elaborate Practical Joke

Okay, so I am not one to get a real tattoo, and everyone that knows me knows that. First of all, I am afraid of needles, and I have a strong aversion to pain that I would be causing myself to endure. I have friends with tattoos that tell me how I should get one. They like messing with me because I can barely stand to think about the discomfort. However, I do like a good practical joke, so I looked into expert temporary tattoos of a quality that would be indistinguishable from the real thing. I wanted to get an elaborate one done while I was away on a three month work assignment.

That was the only way it could work. I would be away from friends and family for a little over three months with no one seeing me in person that I know. This way I could pretend to have had all the work done on an elaborate tattoo with enough time for it to heal up as well. I got the temporary tattoo done the day before I flew back home so it looked perfect when I arrived. I made sure to be wearing a sleeveless shirt when I was picked up at the airport. My family about freaked out seeing it. The shock was a mix of disbelief and awe at the detail of the tattoo. They were convinced it was real. I got friends and family to not grab at me to get a closeup view by telling them how some of the spots were still a little sore to the touch.

The cost of the temporary tattoos I got were more than worth it for this joke. The tattoo was so durable that it took some time for me to actually remove it on purpose. I kind of liked looking at it, but I am not much of a tattoo person. It was cool weather at home, so everyone still thought I had went and got a tattoo as now I was wearing long sleeves. It was not until the next summer when I went outside in a bathing suit to swim that anyone even noticed I no longer had a tattoo!