How to Get Your Own Private Spot in Crowded Singapore

How do you get privacy on an island with 5.6 million people? Even though Singapore has a “greening” policy that has the unused square footage of land planted, the only way to get away is to go up. When you are pressed for room on the width and length, then go for the third dimension and build upward. That is where the people want to go, and it is where the investment money is at. Singapore is adding to the land mass of the island, but the new building projects of skyscrapers and other towers at for residential, commercial and mixed-use properties are hugely popular.

The various building projects going on in Singapore are also in various stages of completion from initial concept to ready for occupancy. Some projects are not going to be finished until 2021, and your interest should be according to your purpose. If you are an investor, getting in on the ground floor, pardon the pun, presents great opportunities. If you are looking for a place to live, then you want to invest in a condo at a building project that is ready for occupancy. If I was moving my family, I would pick a building that is fully completed or very near to it as some projects will be ready for occupancy years before final completion. I would not want to live in a place where I am waiting for that 50 meter pool to be finished. If I am paying, I want full use of all the proposed amenities from the first day of moving into our new place.

There is a lot to choose from when it comes to a place to live in Singapore, and the “greening” policy seems to have really impacted building construction to the point you can literally have a park with trees, grass and a swimming pool in or on the building you live in! Some architects have designed them into roof structures while others are using protruding ledges/balconies that are huge or dividing lower floors from upper floors with park-like areas.