I Am Getting Ready for College

I started to search for a place to stay before I left home, obviously I searched for apartments in 89129 near the campus of UNLV. The first place I looked at would have been really awesome if I had the money to afford it and I realized after a bit that the only way that would be possible is if I had a way to find a roommate. That does not cut my share of the rent in half, but it is going to be around three fifths of what it would cost to get a one bedroom place in the same apartment complex. Of course this place is expensive for a good reason, the apartments are very nice and there are a lot of amenities. These are things that I want though and so I am going to see if there is a way for me to find a roommate.

The big thing is that they have a really nice swimming pool. It calls it a resort style pool on their web page, at any rate it is big enough for you to swim laps in, although obviously you will not find a full size olympic pool. I have a very diverse work out schedule and I have to stay in great shape year round to compete for the school. So I want to be able to work out at the place where I live as much as is possible. That way you can wake up and swim or go to the fitness center, or conversely you can work out before you go to bed. Either way you want to be able to do your work in the air conditioning around here. Obviously I want to avoid having a heat stroke while I am getting in my work out.