I Have a New Place to Stay

I have a really tiny place that is about half of the distance between my new job and the campus. Of course I have two jobs, because I am still doing jc physics tuition at the library after I finish my classes. In fact that is usually a lot more fun than the job I have working at a place that sells Thai food. That is not a fun job at all. I do not know why, but it seems that every job you get working in a kitchen includes some jerk who screams at everyone like a maniac. In fact the other day he was yelling at this guy that was chopping vegetables and the guy raised the knife up at him. He obviously was thinking about using the knife, but after a bit he sat the knife down and took off his apron. He had a few words for that guy on the way out, but he did not raise his voice. There was no reason he needed to, the entire kitchen was completely quiet.

Now the truth is that this guy already knows that I can whip him in a fight, although he did not learn it directly. Instead one night this guy jumped him and he was really wailing on his face. I pulled that guy off of him and then made it clear that I could handle him. So I was better than a guy who was all over him. At any rate the tutoring job is awesome compared to working around this jerk. In fact I have about nine students and six of them are girls, all of them are pretty enough for me and some of them are really good looking. A couple of them seem to be interested in me, but you are supposed to avoid that sort of stuff.