I Just Got Down to Texas

Of course my girlfriend has been down here for a couple of months already, but I had to work on getting my grades right before they would let me in school down here. Aside from that it is a really sweet deal for me, because her father is an oral surgeon and he is paying for the place where she lives. If you want you can click here for website of the apartments. They are called the Bluffs at Vista Ridge and they are really nice. Of course anything would be nice if you are not paying a cent for it like I am. I was really happy when I got down here. I have some money saved up and I am thinking about just selling my car. It is really not going to be that much use to me in going to school and back. You are much better off waiting for the bus, which is what Emily is doing even though she has a really nice car.

In fact you spend a lot of time looking for a place to park when you drive a car on to the campus. If you find a place where you can park, then you have to walk a couple of miles to get to where you want to be. At any rate if you are not careful then you are going to be really late every single day of the week. If you take the bus then all you have to do is be there when it gets there, then it takes you to the campus and drops you off right in front of the place where you need to be. It is a big time saver and you are not going to get any real benefit from being a driver.