I Need to Find a Reliable Roommate

I have started to look for a place to live, but I have decided that the best thing is going to be trying to find some reliable person to share the place with me. This is the apartments in Kingsport I like and if you look at the web page then it is really easy to see why I want to find a roommate. If you get a one bedroom place, then there are two floor plans, one costs 599 dollars a month and the other costs 625 dollars a months. I would not really be able to manage either of those right now, because I have my car payment and my car insurance, plus the fact that I like to eat and I have a girlfriend who is not really noted for her ability to reach in her wallet and find her debit card. She has one and she has as much money as I do, but when you go out with a girl there seems to be some protocol where you are the one who pays for everything.

However if you get the two bedroom place, then that is only a hundred dollars more at 699 dollars per month. So I could live alone, without money for anything else, for six hundred dollars a month or I could pay three hundred and fifty dollars a month for my share of a two bedroom place. That is something that I could afford and it is something which would leave me with the money I need for my other expenses. It is a big deal, but the key thing is that you can not just find some random person. You need a person who is going to be there with that money at the end of the month. Of course it is better if they do not drink all your beer when you are at work.