I Worked Hard to Make My Inheritance Shine with Some Hired Help

I inherited the apartment building that my grandfather owned for about 25 years. I was really nervous about it at first. Many of the units were empty and needed to be worked on in a variety of ways, so I hired someone who does cleaning services for Singapore property owners who need help with a variety of things. I needed help with cleaning, painting and more. There was no way that I could handle all of it myself. There were 10 apartments that needed help, and that would take me months to do if I tried to tackle it all by myself.

I never expected to be so lucky to have a grandfather who wanted to take care of my future by willing his building to me. I thought he would give everything to my father. However, my grandfather made a lot of money in his lifetime, so he left dad a very sizeable sum of money. Dad said that he would not have wanted to spend the time to take care of apartments, so he was mostly grateful that it is in my hands now. It was up to me to help to keep my grandfather’s legacy going.

The guy that I hired is in his twenties and he is pretty strong. He helped me to haul away all sorts of trash from many of the apartments. Hauling trash away took the two of us about two weeks to complete. Everything from clothing to furniture was table downstairs every day. Seeing each apartment has a blank plate help me to figure out what I needed to do next. Between the two of us, we spent another 3 weeks or so cleaning each of the units. After that, we were ready to paint, which took about four weeks. When finished, it was time to rent to new tenants.