I’m Not As Good As I Assumed That I Am

I failed at making a really professional website. I had this fantastic idea in my head of what the site would look like. I even sketched it out on paper. Although it did not look amazig on paper, I just knew that it would shine when online and done. Instead, it looked like something incredibly generic from the year 2000. I found Massive Infinity in Singapore and discussed with them what I was looking for. I feared that my ideas would not come across well to them. I even emailed over a scan of what I had sketched out on paper. What they returned to me was mindblowing. I realized then that I am not the website guru myself that I assumed that I was.

I’ve never been a person who could sketch or paint easily. I know people who it came to naturally and they were all doing it at a young age before they even when to school to work toward a degree in whatever type of creativity they excelled in. I just assumed that it was not for me since it didnt’ come to me naturally. But I had seen enough websites that I thought I could handle creating one so easily. What ended up happening is that the people over at Massive Infinity listened well to what I wanted, looked at the rough draft that I sketched out, and in return, they took my vision and turned it into something amazing and good looking.

Finally having a web presence online thanks to the new web page that is now up has been a really positive thing. People from around the world are finding the website and signing up to purchase my products. I am reaching people who I never thought it possible to reach just five years ago. It is already a big help to the growth of my business.