It Really Helped when I Started Paying Attention to What Needed to Be Done

I thought that websites were just simple, little things that get slapped online within minutes and that’s that. I even assumed that putting one online automatically means loads of people will find it, and then, suddenly start calling your business. It doesn’t work that way, though. We ended up using Algorhytm a company that taught us what really needs to go on behind-the-scenes with our website so that it would really bring in a lot of new customers. I learned that it’s best not to make assumptions and that I should understand how things work on a basic level so that I can get the best results possible.

I’m a dentist, and I branched out on my own and opened a new office about 2 years ago. Business did not start out with a bang for me, which was really scary for my wife and me. I had been working for another practice prior to that, and they were always busy and they were thriving in the best way. I had hoped the same would happen for me once I decided to open my own practice. Frankly, I was nervous when the office phone didn’t ring off the hook like I saw happening at the practice that I had been working for previously.

Not wanting to lose what I had worked so hard for, I started asking many other dentists I know what they do to gain interest in the community. After talking to quite a few, one of them asked me how much business I was getting give my website. He then asked if I had the proper work done to my site so that people would come across it more often. The answer was that I had not done that. This is when I called a company that did that for me. Now, I pay attention to how things work and have the work carried out for me quickly.