Living in an Apartment Instead of a Hotel

I was traveling to the nation’s capital at least four times a month because my company’s biggest client was there. There were times I actually thought of just moving there because this contract was pretty much a permanent one. However, everything I love is back home in Atlanta, so I continued to make the commute. When my boss told me I might need to spend more time in DC, I finally started looking at apartments on Dupont Circle. I knew that I was not going to move there permanently, but it sure would be nice to have an apartment there when I was in town rather than live out of a hotel room.

Since the company would be paying for any living expenses there, it just made sense to make it easier for me overall. I also discovered that it would be cheaper for the company as well because hotel rooms in DC can really start to add up when you are there as often as I am. It would also make it a lot more convenient for me to not have to pack clothes and toiletries since I would have everything I need at the apartment.

I did not need anything big, because it was mainly a place to sleep and relax a few hours here and there. I looked at studio apartments for that reason, and I found a great one just minutes from where I do the majority of my work. It is the perfect size for me, and I even have a complimentary breakfast every morning while I read the complimentary newspaper. It really does not get much better than this for me, and I am just so much happier now that I am actually living in an apartment instead of a hotel. That really does make a huge difference.