Making a New Home in San Antonio

I settled on looking for apartments in Stone Oak recently when I found out my small energy company was bought out by the energy giant Valero. They gave us two options: quit or receive a transfer to San Antonio in order to work at the company headquarters as a way of smoothing the acquisition process. Valero is an enormous company and is ranked number one by a prominent national business publication as the best big company employer. Needless to say, I was excited about the move, but wasn’t as excited to find a new place to live.

I really didn’t need to worry that much, however, as the company was offering us a substantial relocation subsidy. Still, I wanted to find something that worked for me. I didn’t want to just jump in blindly and end up with a rental agreement I hated and would be locked into for a year or longer. I did a lot of online research and narrowed down the area in which I was willing to live. Stone Oak is a really nice area, safe and clean, and looked like an obvious choice. All I needed was to find the right complex.

It didn’t take long to find one, either. A couple of days and I located a place that is really a gem of an apartment complex. It has all the amenities people have come to expect from apartment living, and it’s not so far from work that I would have to undergo an hours long commute. A couple of people I talked to in the office down there recognized the complex when I told them and said I made an excellent choice. Getting a local endorsement? Excellent! I can’t wait to move down there and settle into my new life in Texas. It is sure to be an awesome experience!