Neck Problems Left Tingling Sensations at My Ears and on My Face

I was feeling a tingling in my ear. My doctor sent me for a CT scan worried that it might be something serious. I told him that I thought it was a nerve problem due to my neck or my diabetes or both. He insisted we take that better-safe-than-sorry approach. I don’t blame him, but nothing showed up other than some minor issues with my neck vertebrae. Not getting any relief, I went to a chiropractor in Camas WA to see if chiropractic manipulation could help me alleviate the nerve issue that was getting worse.

It started out feeling like a bug was crawling inside my ear, but nothing was there. Then it progressed to feeling like ants were crawling on the outside of my ear and down the side of my face. I would feel the same sensations around my nose at times too. It was getting worse. I figured it had something to do with pressure on the nerves when I discovered I could move my neck and make some of the odd sensations stop for a bit. I told my doctor this, but he could not appreciate what I was saying. He would just focus on the symptoms and then try to find a way to categorize the problem in a way that surgery or medications could fix or at least ease the symptoms. I like it that he wanted to help, but the help was not helping.

The chiropractor in Camas WA adjusted my neck and used other therapies to help me, especially with my posture. I was getting more hunched over every day. As my posture improved and the adjustments took the pressure off of the nerves in my neck, the tingling sensations went away. There are things that could be serious that cause this, but mine was just a spine out of alignment with some nerve inflammation.