Our Kids Love Going to the Dentist

I knew I needed to find the right dentist for my family. My husband and I both have had a lot of dental work done, and that is mostly because we were both afraid of dentists when we were younger. I didn’t want our kids going through the same thing, plus I wanted them to always have a really nice smile. That meant finding a Denver dentist who is used to working not only with adults but children as well. The dentist we had in New York was brilliant with them, but that is a little far to travel just for a dentist appointment.

I did a search for dentists in the area, and I came up with a very short list. My husband decided he would go to one for a cleaning since he was due, and I would go to the other in a few weeks when it was time for me to have my cleaning. He went, but he was not impressed with the dental staff at all. They did a fine job, but he said they did not make him feel very welcome there. We definitely did not want that for our kids.

When I went to my dentist appointment, I knew as soon as I walked in that this practice had potential to become our family dentist. Everyone was so warm and welcoming, and I was not made to feel like I was merely a number. Instead, I felt really nice there, and the dental hygienist was very gentle. When I told her about my kids, she couldn’t say enough good things about the dentist and how she is with the different kids who come in for dental work. I was right, because they are now our family dental center, and our kids absolutely love going to the dentist again.