Apartments for Rent in Las Vegas

I want to get a decent apartment and I am looking at Las Vegas apartments, because I feel like I should spend about a year in this city. There is just something to it that is comforting at this juncture in my life. I was divorced last year, and I did not lose as much money from it, as I thought I would. So that was a bit of a relief, at the end of a fairly bitter dispute. But to be honest with you, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I really mean that too, it could have a been a lot worse, and it wasn’t all bad. So I am thankful at least for that.

I don’t see myself ever getting married again though, there is just too much commitment, and I don’t think I have it in me to go through with that again. Especially when they’re likely to just break your heart in the end anyway. I guess that I shouldn’t expect much more than heartbreak, but it still sucks when it happens. Anyway, I am living in Vegas because it is a great city, and I think that I have a lucky streak coming my way.

I have always been interested in poker, and I have learned pretty much every style of poker over the years. I am not good enough to enter the World Series, by any means, but I can more than hold my own at a table in a casino. I have done so in the past, and I usually walk away with at least twice as much money as I sit down with. I have been looking at some books lately to, and I have taken an interest in them as well. But I need to find an apartment first of all.

Visiting My Chiropractor After Playing Golf

I love to play golf. I get out on the golf course whenever I can. This past weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to play three rounds of golf. I had a blast while I was out there, but after it was all said and done I wasn’t feeling very well. My neck and my back felt all twisted, and I knew that I needed to see my chiropractor in Peoria for an adjustment. When you go to a chiropractor, it isn’t necessarily for an injury that occurred at work or in an automobile. There are lots of people who go to chiropractors because they work hard and play harder. There are even more people who go to chiropractors on a regular basis just because they want to be adjusted regularly.

In my case, I end up at the chiropractor whenever I play a little bit too hard. This time around, I was feeling really good while it was all happening. Continue reading Visiting My Chiropractor After Playing Golf

Acupuncture is Reliable and Provides Relief

I was skeptical about seeing a chiropractor in Beverly Hills, especially so considering I was looking into acupuncture to clear up a persistent ulcer. Who ever thought about using one of humanity’s oldest healing techniques to help clear up an ulcer? I always thought acupuncture was just a general wellness technique people used to relieve stress. It was only after a friend discussed some of the problems she resolved through the technique that I started thinking about doing something for my ulcer. It seems to have gotten worse as of late and nothing seems to work to get rid of it.

I have tried many things, everything from cabbage juice to glutamine, and nothing seemed to work long term. Continue reading Acupuncture is Reliable and Provides Relief

The Fiasco at the Park

On the first day of spring, my uncle wanted to go to the park to see the flowers like he always does. He becomes really fascinated with the flowers, even though he’s seen the same ones each year for many years. This time, his experience wasn’t as relaxing as he hoped it would be. He was getting a closer look at one of the flowers when a bee started buzzing around him. He tried to dodge the bee and lost his balance, causing him to fall. I had to take him to a chiropractor in Redding because the fall put him in an intense amount of pain.

It’s a good thing that my uncle wasn’t near any rocks, because he probably would have gotten a worse injury than he did. He could have hit his head and then he would have been on the way to the hospital or much worse. It’s also a good thing that I went to the park with him. Sometimes he likes to go to the park on his own, but I just happened to volunteer to go with him that day. I guess my uncle had luck on his side, well, for the most part. He still injured his back and had to rest in bed.

I got some flowers from the park and put them in a vase for my uncle so he could look at them while he was resting in bed. I jokingly told him that I made sure that there weren’t any bees in the flowers. I think my uncle will be a little bit more careful about getting up close to the flowers the next time he goes to the park. He may not be allergic to bees, but he really should watch his step if he’s going to move away from them.

The Way I Found an Affordable Apartment

I am on a very tight budget, but that did not mean that I wanted to have to settle for a place to live. When I started looking at apartments in North Charleston about eight months ago, I went to the site for an apartment finder, and I was able to find exactly what I needed there. The really nice thing about this site is that I was able to see the hundreds of apartments that are available in the area, and I was able to then sort them by the lowest price to the highest price. Continue reading The Way I Found an Affordable Apartment

We Dreamed of Moving and Just Up and Did It!

It was raining and cold and my wife and I were both working from home. We were privileged to be able to do that. We were not making a fortune, but we could be together every day and not just see each other a couple of hours in the evening before going to sleep to get ready for work again. However, we were frustrated with where we lived to the point we were checking out every website we could find for apartments in states we would like to move to. We owned a small house where we grew up, but the town was changing so fast. A big house was going up next to us, and it was going to be a summer party place for some wealthy young people who wanted to live at the river’s edge. I liked being able to see the river from our back yard, but the lot behind us that has been empty since we moved here over a decade ago was now sold and being built up.

We wanted to move, but we wanted to move someplace where it was warm in the winter and had long summers. This past winter was mild where we lived, but it felt like it dragged on for years instead of months. We needed a change, so we were at least dreaming by sharing back and forth every nice apartment website we could find online in states we would like to live in. Continue reading We Dreamed of Moving and Just Up and Did It!

Apartment Living Fosters Sense of Connection and Community

I live in a wonderful apartment complex that offers me a great place to live and a real sense of connection and community with my neighbors as well as the owners and maintenance personnel. I have an easy link to a community website that keeps me in touch and up-to-date on events, scheduled maintenance and allows me to easily express any concerns or needs I may have.

I have to say this environment is vastly different from my last apartment experience. It was a huge complex where it could take weeks to hear from the landlord and months before even the smallest maintenance issues were even scheduled to be corrected. I would come home from work and be greeted by a big gray building with no green space, no amenities and rarely even see my neighbors, much less talk to any or call any of them friends.

When I moved to Texas from Chicago, I had no friends or family in the state and only hoped I could find some friends and develop some sort of social life. I work as an insurance adjuster and my work is done individually and without a lot of social interaction from co-workers. I am often in my office from the time I arrive to the time I go home and do not meet the number of people that those in sales do. Starting at a new place of employment, in a new state was difficult enough and I yearned for some social interaction.

My new apartment and the community here have welcomed me with open arms and I have enjoyed great number of social events and met some wonderful people. I like living in a place where you aren’t looked at as weird or odd simply because you wave and say hello to people and I feel much safer knowing the people around me do care about their neighbors and property we all share.

Discovering a Luxury Apartment Near My Current Home

When I first moved to Atlanta I lived in a tiny studio downtown. It was my very first apartment, and it was perfect for me. Now that I’ve grown as a person as well as financially, I’m ready to move into something a little larger and a little more luxurious. I’ve been searching for Atlanta luxury apartments for a few days now, and I’m really pleased with what I’ve seen. There’s one community in particular that I can focusing on, simply because of the numerous amenities they offer.

When I first stopped by, I was blown away by the community room they have. The way that it’s decorated really says a lot about the immunity, as well as the people who live here. Continue reading Discovering a Luxury Apartment Near My Current Home

I Had to Go to Georgia

I was just minding my own business when my brother showed up. He did not give me too much time to think about it and of course I had nothing better to do than to help him out. Of course he thought that I should help him move just because he was my brother, but I knew that it was going to take a couple of days and we settled on a hundred dollars. I got it up front since I was broke. He had already found a place to stay, the Crossings at Mcdonough is what they called the place. In fact there was not too much at Greg’s place that was really worth moving and we took a bunch of stuff out to the curb. Some of his friends came by to pick through the stuff, which is obviously the sort of thing that only a broke college student might care to take home with them. Continue reading I Had to Go to Georgia

Making a New Home in San Antonio

I settled on looking for apartments in Stone Oak recently when I found out my small energy company was bought out by the energy giant Valero. They gave us two options: quit or receive a transfer to San Antonio in order to work at the company headquarters as a way of smoothing the acquisition process. Valero is an enormous company and is ranked number one by a prominent national business publication as the best big company employer. Needless to say, I was excited about the move, but wasn’t as excited to find a new place to live.

I really didn’t need to worry that much, however, as the company was offering us a substantial relocation subsidy. Still, I wanted to find something that worked for me. Continue reading Making a New Home in San Antonio

My Son Got Hurt Playing Baseball

My son loves everything about baseball. He has been watching professional games with his father since he was just a toddler, and he started playing when he was nine years old. When he was in high school, he was one of the star players, and we went to every single game as we were so proud of him. When he went to catch a wayward ball, he twisted his back, and he was in a lot of pain. The first thing I did was make an appointment with a Corte Madera chiropractor because I knew that chiropractic care can really help in a situation like that.

I had been seeing a chiropractor off and on for years, ever since I was involved in a pretty bad accident years ago. It was not because I had ongoing problems from the accident. Rather, going for regular adjustments just made me feel so much more on my game. Continue reading My Son Got Hurt Playing Baseball

How to Get Your Own Private Spot in Crowded Singapore

How do you get privacy on an island with 5.6 million people? Even though Singapore has a “greening” policy that has the unused square footage of land planted, the only way to get away is to go up. When you are pressed for room on the width and length, then go for the third dimension and build upward. That is where the people want to go, and it is where the investment money is at. Singapore is adding to the land mass of the island, but the new building projects of skyscrapers and other towers at for residential, commercial and mixed-use properties are hugely popular.

The various building projects going on in Singapore are also in various stages of completion from initial concept to ready for occupancy. Some projects are not going to be finished until 2021, and your interest should be according to your purpose. Continue reading How to Get Your Own Private Spot in Crowded Singapore

I’m Not As Good As I Assumed That I Am

I failed at making a really professional website. I had this fantastic idea in my head of what the site would look like. I even sketched it out on paper. Although it did not look amazig on paper, I just knew that it would shine when online and done. Instead, it looked like something incredibly generic from the year 2000. I found Massive Infinity in Singapore and discussed with them what I was looking for. I feared that my ideas would not come across well to them. I even emailed over a scan of what I had sketched out on paper. What they returned to me was mindblowing. I realized then that I am not the website guru myself that I assumed that I was.

I’ve never been a person who could sketch or paint easily. I know people who it came to naturally and they were all doing it at a young age before they even when to school to work toward a degree in whatever type of creativity they excelled in. I just assumed that it was not for me since it didnt’ come to me naturally. Continue reading I’m Not As Good As I Assumed That I Am

We Started to Look for a Bigger Place

It is going to be time for us to get a bigger place real soon and so we have started to look around. One child was a stretch for the place that we had, but when there are two of them it is going to be impossible. Obviously the place had one thing going for it, that was the fact that the price was very affordable. Today we went to see a place called Seaside Residences by Fraser. We looked at a two bedroom place on one of the lower floors, which was the place where we could afford to get one of them. The location is okay for me, but not very good for the wife and so they would have had to be very impressive for them to sell us on the place. Continue reading We Started to Look for a Bigger Place

How I Used Temporary Tattoos to Pull off an Elaborate Practical Joke

Okay, so I am not one to get a real tattoo, and everyone that knows me knows that. First of all, I am afraid of needles, and I have a strong aversion to pain that I would be causing myself to endure. I have friends with tattoos that tell me how I should get one. They like messing with me because I can barely stand to think about the discomfort. However, I do like a good practical joke, so I looked into expert temporary tattoos of a quality that would be indistinguishable from the real thing. I wanted to get an elaborate one done while I was away on a three month work assignment.

That was the only way it could work. I would be away from friends and family for a little over three months with no one seeing me in person that I know. This way I could pretend to have had all the work done on an elaborate tattoo with enough time for it to heal up as well. I got the temporary tattoo done the day before I flew back home so it looked perfect when I arrived. I made sure to be wearing a sleeveless shirt when I was picked up at the airport. My family about freaked out seeing it. Continue reading How I Used Temporary Tattoos to Pull off an Elaborate Practical Joke

Lost Half the Weight I Need to

I started out really slowly, getting up about forty five minutes early in the morning. I did not want to injure myself before I really got started so the first thing I would do is get stretched out really good. Then I would try to see how much I could do before I got really tired. Obviously you need to push yourself just hard enough, but not burn out immediately. A guy from work told me that I need to use the best weight loss shakes, the idea being that you use them to replace a meal. That only works up to a point and so I use them in the morning. They really do not taste that great in my opinion, but they are good enough for what they are and you have to keep the overarching purpose in mind while you are using them. Continue reading Lost Half the Weight I Need to

Good Solutions for Small Breasts

I have unfortunately had to live my entire life with the embarrassing fact that I have small breasts and it has been a bit of a burden. But right now, I am not worried about what other people think about my attractiveness level, based on my breast size, but rather what my spouse thinks. I am trying to find some info about Total Curve to see if it is a product that I should give a shot in the hopes of gaining larger breasts. Continue reading Good Solutions for Small Breasts

Reliant Energy Makes Life Easier

When I was told I had a choice on the company that would end up making sure my lights turned on and my fridge stayed on, I decided to take the matter seriously. I did not want to just pick a random company. I figured since people fought for us Texans to have this right, then it is the least I can do to make sure that I am making my choice the right way. After looking over quite a few companies, I ended up choosing Reliant Energy. This was mainly due to their rates, but there were other considerations as well.

Reliant offers plans for both businesses as well as residential homes. When I looked, I saw rates that were as low as 7.5 cents per kWh, which is a really good deal. I was able to get that for 12 months. Continue reading Reliant Energy Makes Life Easier

I Was Given the Wrong Medication

I had to be hospitalized after a car accident late last year. Doctors performed emergency surgery on me, and I was not out of the woods for those injuries until nearly ten days had passed. Something else happened though that put me in just as much danger. My wife had already told the hospital staff that I was allergic to several medications, but one of the nurses mixed up meds and ended up giving it to me. One of the first things my wife did was look at after I was once again out of the woods for the most part.

I did have a severe reaction to the medication that I was given, and I nearly died from it. The hospital tried to sweep it under the carpet, but my wife was not about to let them do that. I didn’t want it disregarded either, but I was in too weak of a condition to handle much of anything on my own. Continue reading I Was Given the Wrong Medication

The House is Looking a Lot Better

It has been a huge project, but the house is ready for the flipping that we had planned from the beginning. The only reason we bought this house was because it was obviously a great deal and it was obvious that if we did things properly well it would be possible to turn a good profit on it. I sort of decided to put in Directv for my own savings, because the cable company here is very unaffordable. We did the kitchen floors over first and then we took out the cabinets. Continue reading The House is Looking a Lot Better