Reliant Energy Makes Life Easier

When I was told I had a choice on the company that would end up making sure my lights turned on and my fridge stayed on, I decided to take the matter seriously. I did not want to just pick a random company. I figured since people fought for us Texans to have this right, then it is the least I can do to make sure that I am making my choice the right way. After looking over quite a few companies, I ended up choosing Reliant Energy. This was mainly due to their rates, but there were other considerations as well.

Reliant offers plans for both businesses as well as residential homes. When I looked, I saw rates that were as low as 7.5 cents per kWh, which is a really good deal. I was able to get that for 12 months. Even when it went to regular pricing though, the cost was extremely competitive with the other companies that provide electricity to Houston, Texas. Something that I really like about this company is that they send an email to me every week. It has details about the amount of energy that I have used, which makes it a lot easier to actually monitor my energy use.

Something else that is really nice is that they have plans that fit apartment living. I don’t have a huge sprawling house. My apartment has a small bedroom, a large living room, and a combo dining room and kitchen. I really don’t require a lot of power, so getting low prices for apartment living was nice. Also, if I ever do move into a bigger apartment, it is very easy to transfer the service from this apartment to a new one in the same area. Reliant Energy just makes life easier, and I really appreciate that.