The Best Cleaning Service in the City

I needed to find a part time helper for Singapore job in the cleaning industry after the company I worked with for the last couple of years went under. I have a lot of cleaning experience and really enjoyed my job with the company, but they just couldn’t get their act together. I started noticing my hours kept dropping because they didn’t have enough cleaning jobs for their crews. Even when they did have some work, the senior level people always got first pick of the assignments, which left the rest of us out in the cold.

At least I could finally give all my energy to a new job search once I knew for certain that the company was going to shut down. My only problem was finding a good company. There are many cleaning firms in this large city, and many of them like to cut corners and do quickie jobs for a fast buck. I didn’t want to work for a company that thought cutting corners was a good way to do business. What I wanted was a company that took pride in its work and in its employees. Why should I care about my job if the employer doesn’t?

A friend suggested I check out the company where he recently got hired. He said they really take pains to make sure they hire the best people because they want good, reliable people who they can trust to make their customers’ places really shine. I went in for an interview and was immediately impressed with the atmosphere and their attention to detail. They even let the customers know exactly that they are willing to clean and what they won’t touch! I got hired on and in no time at all was out doing work for the company. I can see myself working here for a long time to come!