The Fiasco at the Park

On the first day of spring, my uncle wanted to go to the park to see the flowers like he always does. He becomes really fascinated with the flowers, even though he’s seen the same ones each year for many years. This time, his experience wasn’t as relaxing as he hoped it would be. He was getting a closer look at one of the flowers when a bee started buzzing around him. He tried to dodge the bee and lost his balance, causing him to fall. I had to take him to a chiropractor in Redding because the fall put him in an intense amount of pain.

It’s a good thing that my uncle wasn’t near any rocks, because he probably would have gotten a worse injury than he did. He could have hit his head and then he would have been on the way to the hospital or much worse. It’s also a good thing that I went to the park with him. Sometimes he likes to go to the park on his own, but I just happened to volunteer to go with him that day. I guess my uncle had luck on his side, well, for the most part. He still injured his back and had to rest in bed.

I got some flowers from the park and put them in a vase for my uncle so he could look at them while he was resting in bed. I jokingly told him that I made sure that there weren’t any bees in the flowers. I think my uncle will be a little bit more careful about getting up close to the flowers the next time he goes to the park. He may not be allergic to bees, but he really should watch his step if he’s going to move away from them.