The House is Looking a Lot Better

It has been a huge project, but the house is ready for the flipping that we had planned from the beginning. The only reason we bought this house was because it was obviously a great deal and it was obvious that if we did things properly well it would be possible to turn a good profit on it. I sort of decided to put in Directv for my own savings, because the cable company here is very unaffordable. We did the kitchen floors over first and then we took out the cabinets. I built a small pantry in the corner and then we put in a kitchen island with a professional level gas range and a big pot rack hanging above it. We were having a bit of trouble with the bath plan, because it has a very odd shape to it. I eventually figured that I needed to break out one of the walls. That made the closet in the bath about half as large as it was to start with.

The key of course is to get back what we put in it, but we are pretty sure that we are going to be able to do it. The place is in a very good location. This is a key concept if you want to do this sort of thing. You do not want to try sell the finest house in the neighborhood. The other houses around the one you want to sell is going to form a threshold. Your location is key to the value of a house. You want to look for a run down house is a really nice neighborhood. That way you can be very sure that you will have a good chance to get back the money that you have put in to the project.