The Place Where We Will Be Living is Really Nice

I would say that I am truly blessed when it comes to having the great parents that I have as well as the fact that they are able to help me with situations that many kids don’t have the same luxury with. One good way to illustrate this is to point out that I will be going to college in NC, and my parents found some great luxury apartments at where I will live all four years during my schooling. A lot of young people have to live in the dorms on campus, and that can be really stressful for anyone because it can be loud and there are a lot of other distractions. I will get the peace and quiet that I need to try to get the best grades that I can.

My parents were not born wealthy. Both my mother and my father came from very humble beginnings. Grandma was a maid for 25 years until she retired. My grandpa was a carpenter and he loved every minute of it. My parents were lucky in the way of having the same hard work ethic that my grandparents had, but they were also very lucky because they live in today’s times where people have the ability to become very wealthy when it comes to having businesses that have to do with the tech world. It is because of this that my parents make sure that my grandparents are very comfortable and that goes for me as well.

I have watched friends struggle with college when they are stuck living in a dorm. It is because of this that I have asked my two best friends if they would like to live in the apartments that I will be living in. They have been told that they can live there free of charge, but that our place will be a no-party zone at all times. I think this is best for all of us. We need to have respect for each other and our residence.