Thinking About Getting Away to Singapore

Is it just me or is Singapore one of the most underrated retirement destinations? How come no one seems to know about this? There was a time when I’d just think to myself, “More for me then,” and move on, but now that I’m retired, I’m feeling a little more generous – I feel more like sharing about the opportunities I’ve been lucky enough to find. New Futura seems like one of those once in a lifetime kind of deals. You ever eat a steak so juicy and tender that you just have to tell someone at the next table over, “You’ve got to order this!” That’s how I’m feeling right now. You need to google this.

New Futura is going to be the next Chiang Mai. Imagine if you got in on the ground floor of Chiang Mai. Man, that’s living. I’m not normally one to jump to those kinds of conclusions, but sometimes the truth just sits up and slaps you across the face, and when I was reading about places to retire to where the food and weather are a bit better than back home, the pictures of this place just brought a gasp out of me.

Back in the day (now you’re all thinking, “sure thing, grandpa” – but listen up a second), I worked a good job in Singapore, and the flavors of their cuisine have haunted me ever since. There’s nothing like it in the world. I mean it. It’s not Thai, not Chinese; it’s Singaporean! Boy, if that doesn’t beat all. Now I’m getting to move back to the sights and sounds of my favorite place and live in a beautiful new condo. Life works in mysterious ways. Sometimes our dreams really can come true. Who out there wants to dream with me?