Traditional Chinese Medicine – Healing for All

Finding alternative methods to healing, rather than solely relying on drugs and medicine, has become increasingly popular. Singapore TCM is a clinic organization in Singapore that seeks to combine western knowledge about medicine, with ancient Chinese practices of healing. Merging these ideas determines the cause of the illness (acquired through Western medicine) and truly serves to repair even the impossible illnesses (through the Chinese practices used from nearly 5000 years ago). It has evolved through the many years of studying medicine and illnesses. For example, the proper use of Chinese herbs can supplement radiation treatments to slow the growth of cancer cells. Those who practice Traditional Chinese Medicine typically use herbal and various mind and body practices to achieve the best results possible. These Chinese mind and body practices, such as acupuncture, cupping therapy, and Chinese massages (tui na) are also used in conjunction with pre-existing Western medicine techniques – working towards providing the best outcome possible for the patient. Singapore TCM has many licensed physicians, acupuncturists, and consultants ready to aid any patients wishing to receive speedy and permanent results to their recovery. These qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners have various specialties that can ensure that the patient is properly taken care of, and that the root of the problem is eradicated. Currently, these diseases can be healed by TCM: Bone Diseases, Cardiovascular Diseases, Dermatology, Digestive Disorders, Geriatrics, Gynecology, Kidney Failure, Pediatrics, Rare Diseases, Respiratory Diseases, and Tumours. While some patients do come in as a last resort option, after giving up on solely using Western medicine solutions, many feel grateful for making a change to using traditional Chinese practices to aid in their healing. These physicians are well-known throughout the area and have many testimonials as to how adapting their practices has bettered their lives and altered their living conditions for the better.