We Are Working on the House

The place was a much bigger mess when we started, although it was not anything that could not be solved with a little bit of work, time and money. Jennifer’s parents found this place for us, it is not too far from where they live and it used to belong to an aunt of a person they knew. It was in a good bit of disrepair, but we have got it fixed up mostly. Right now I am trying to learn more about home security systems, since this place is off the road and out of sight. If a thief wanted to rob some place this would be a really good target. All you would need to do is wait for the two of us go to work and then you could go in there and take all of the time that you wanted to rob us. No one could see you from the road and unless the UPS driver came to see you, then you would have no one bother you.

Right now I am thinking about other things, like back up power. The power lines go through the woods, and if there was an ice storm or a hurricane we would definitely be a very low priority. They always try to get the power back on for the most number of people that they can. It is obvious that we would be out of the way and no one else is going to be on the same thing that we are. If a tree fell on the power line we would just have to wait until they got around to us, which would be pretty much after they got the power restored to all of the other people before us, unless they were even further out in the woods than we are.