We Dreamed of Moving and Just Up and Did It!

It was raining and cold and my wife and I were both working from home. We were privileged to be able to do that. We were not making a fortune, but we could be together every day and not just see each other a couple of hours in the evening before going to sleep to get ready for work again. However, we were frustrated with where we lived to the point we were checking out every website we could find for apartments in states we would like to move to. We owned a small house where we grew up, but the town was changing so fast. A big house was going up next to us, and it was going to be a summer party place for some wealthy young people who wanted to live at the river’s edge. I liked being able to see the river from our back yard, but the lot behind us that has been empty since we moved here over a decade ago was now sold and being built up.

We wanted to move, but we wanted to move someplace where it was warm in the winter and had long summers. This past winter was mild where we lived, but it felt like it dragged on for years instead of months. We needed a change, so we were at least dreaming by sharing back and forth every nice apartment website we could find online in states we would like to live in. We decided to pick a Georgia as had no relatives there. I know that sounds kind of mean, but we wanted a fresh start at this point in our lives where we could be on our own. It would be good for us as we have always been geographically close to our support network of relatives. However, that support network could be quite frustrating too!

We up and decided to move to Marietta, Georgia after looking at a website that showed us the Ashford Retreat apartment homes. We got a two bedroom place that is gorgeous. It has big rooms and a private balcony with a lake view. Our kitchen is perfect with its dark cabinets and granite countertops. The color scheme in the kitchen with the black appliances, granite and cabinets looks like coffee and cream. It is very elegant.