We Started to Look for a Bigger Place

It is going to be time for us to get a bigger place real soon and so we have started to look around. One child was a stretch for the place that we had, but when there are two of them it is going to be impossible. Obviously the place had one thing going for it, that was the fact that the price was very affordable. Today we went to see a place called Seaside Residences by Fraser. We looked at a two bedroom place on one of the lower floors, which was the place where we could afford to get one of them. The location is okay for me, but not very good for the wife and so they would have had to be very impressive for them to sell us on the place. It is not so hard for them to impress me, but the fact is that we are also on a budget which is going to make it really hard for us to find the sort of place that we really need to get.

In fact we are going to look at a bunch of places this weekend. We need to get this done before things get too far along with the new baby. Obviously it is going to be easier to move sooner rather than later. That should not take too long for us to figure out, since the main thing is going to be the cost of the rent on a bigger place. If we can beat that, then the other stuff is not going to be overwhelming, although the other factors matter as you could guess. Location is the big thing for us, because it is really hard to get across the city in the times when the traffic is at the worst.