Why Physics is Such an Important Science to Learn in School

Do you know the second law of thermodynamics? How about the first one? Do you know the difference between an electron and a neutron? My education in physics is limited. I think I learned more from watching Star Trek than I did in high school. I have seen a lot of neat things that people have done to show the applications of physics and to let you see examples of the concepts in action, but I am not an expert. My wife suggested https://physicstuitionsg.com to help our children get better grades in their upcoming physics courses in school. I agreed that we should get out ahead of this and make sure they have a solid foundation of understanding.

Physics is such a broad subject that I do not see how it can be adequately addressed in regular public school curricula. I think you can give kids a basic understanding, but that is about it. We wanted our children to not only ace their physics tests, we wanted them to be able to apply the principles in everyday life situations. Physics is a big deal for so many career choices. We wanted them to have a much deeper understanding of physics than just being able to talk about the cool videos they have seen on YouTube that show physics experiments. We wanted them to be able to apply the concepts in their own concept of the world.

Hey, it might sound silly, but knowing about friction and centrifugal force can help make you a better driver on slippery road surfaces. Awareness is the first step of understanding. I can see applications for the concepts of physics for everything from baking a loaf of bread to mowing a hillside with a riding mower. It is more than just atoms and electrons, there is the mechanical side of physics too.