You Really Can’t Get Any More Luxurious Than Cabo Luxury Rentals

We wanted the vacation of a lifetime. A group of us got together and combined our vacation budgets to get one of the Cabo luxury rentals for a week. It was an amazing experience. I sat at the edge of an infinity pool in a comfortable deck chaise looking at the blue pool water and the turquoise ocean just beyond. Everything about the vacation was luxurious. We were right there at Medano Beach, and we had golf carts and everything to get around. This is real pampered luxury. They even have a Nespresso machine. I have not seen one of those at any of the hotels or resort places I have been before.

We had a great time just enjoying the water, but the sauna and steam room were also favorites. The food was beyond what I could have imagined. Everything was prepared to perfection for our stay. Our friends and family who had young children were very appreciative of the available babysitting so they could go out and enjoy some time with each other. Daily housekeeping and even butler services were there for us to use. We even had a personal driver. It was one minute to the beach. You can’t get any better than that. I just walked out the door and right to the ocean’s edge. I enjoy wind surfing quite a bit, and this was my chance to do that in beautiful turquoise waters.

After a long day, I was able to get an in-residence massage. I got so relaxed and sleepy that I took a nap and slept like I have not in years. There is a lot of work and effort that goes into keeping this place this nice and making sure your stay is perfect. I appreciate all of the staff who helped us enjoy our stay. I have never had anything like this before.